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I am Desmond Durodemi Jones. I am presently working as a Consultant Civil Engineer for the West Africa Heritage Consultants. After my graduation from University in 2012, I worked in the usual construction industries as construction supervisor, site engineer, consultant engineer and on small projects as project manager but lately for the past three years (since 2017), I have been working to conserve history ( Monuments and Relics). Planning design to conserve  historic structures and monuments in an effort to connect place’s history has caught my attention these past few years as I worked as the local consultant for Monuments and Relics Commission Sierra Leone and also as a civil engineer for the Bunce Island preservation project. These projects have given me quite some knowledge in Preservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration techniques and more importantly, they gave me interest of wanting to be part of similar projects to protect History. I am always looking forward to these challenges in the future and to be part a team to deliver.